golden age cinema by maja baska

I find it hard to put into words how excited I am about Gold Age Cinema opening up. Sitting in the bar made me feel like I was in the past, present and future. Decades could pass by and I would still be charmed by it's timeless beauty.



Kate Jinx has curated the first season of screenings. I think she is the greatest.  

topshop by maja baska


Finally Sydney ladies and gents got what they wanted. Topshop opened and some people actually lost their minds. Thank you Daniel and Shae-Lee. 

SYRENKA by maja baska

Syrenka put on their Christmas concert at the Polish club in Ashfield this weekend. The senior group performed beautifully especially the Spisz.  The youngest dancers were super cute in their Kashubian costumes, some of the performers were only 5 years old.  The only downside was being on a detox regime and being in charge of selling the pączki (jam donuts). TORTURE. 


six spectres by maja baska

Some shots from the set for Absorb's most recent fashion film shoot for the History Council of NSW partnered with Vogue Australia. With models from Priscillas, shot and lit by Focus Film Lighting, makeup by Chereine Waddell and Directed by Chiara Bianchino and Costa Vakas.  Shot  in the dead of night at the State Library of NSW. 

FALLOUT by maja baska

Here are some of my production stills from a new play Fallout

CAST: Gabriel Fancourt, Lizzie Schebesta, Amanda McGregor & Michele Durman

Director: Kip Williams,  Playwright: Maree Freeman

Showing at the OLD FITZROY THEATRE OCT 11TH - NOV 3RD 2012 Buy Tickets here 


Freya Baska's Get Better Box by maja baska

My sister Freya graduated from The National Art School last year. Her final printmaking work was housed in her very own purpose built little house. The Get Better Box was based on a childhood tradition, when we were sick we pulled down a special box from the attic. It was full of fun minatures, word games, collected niknaks, boxes within boxes and lots of glittery treatures. Because we were so ocupied adventuring around the contents of the box we forgot how sick we felt. (Or in my case, I forgot to stick the thermometer under the light bulb to fein illness.)

Old Tythe Barn by maja baska

The Old Tythe Barn (est. circa 1970) in Blackheath holds some of my strongest childhood memories. Every shelf and surface is covered in minatures, tin toys, antiques and collectables. I am as overwhlemed by the place as when I first stepped in there at age six.  

It is open Saturday, Sunday and Thursday 12.30-5.30pm or by appointment: 47877284 or 47878620. Bring your credit card.

young sleek and full of skill by maja baska

Sophie Toupein and Jesse Neale are Newcastle based artists. Every time I visit their house I enter feeling Sydney stressed and rushed but leave feeling centred and inspired. Their house is teaming with treasures. They are a pair to watch. 

Me and Amber by maja baska

Karen and Amber are Sydney based designers. They've been best friends forever and share a label 'Me and Amber'. These fine ladies have been busily putting together a website for all their wares. Everything in their range is made to last, made out of beautiful fabrics and papers and made with lots of love and warmth. They were a great pleasure to work with. 

funky time by maja baska

I did a press shot shoot for Funkified Entertainment. We shot seven of their signed bands, some in several locations. I still have 'I wanna dance with somebody' stuck in my head.