Agatha Gothe-Snape by maja baska

This image is one of my favourite images ever. Meeting Agatha was such a highlight at a time when I was super sick with morning sickness and barely making it out of the house after 6 weeks in bed. She was wonderful, present, open and I was instantly drawn to her. It is not surprising her partner’s portrait of her won the Archibald just days after. I feel like this image captured a little of the Agatha that Mitch so wonderfully captured in his painting. Massive swoon. Shot for NAVA

D’Alton Baker Productions by maja baska

Angela D’Alton and Renee Baker of DBP are mentors for creative industries “We’ve created this business to feed our passion; to support the independent designers and artists of Australia with their micro businesses through mentorships and specialised services.” We shot a branding series, have a squiz.

mindfulness photos by maja baska

I took a class in Mindfulness through photography with The School Of Life  led by Photographer Christopher Phillips. We meditated and individually walked around the Botanic Gardens. We had a chance to look particularly at highlight and shadows, colour and then texture and form. I felt some of my childhood fascination with photography returning as I ducked and weaved around the gardens. 

Vietnam by maja baska

We had lots of great times in Vietnam and lots of tantrums and tears. Remy watched a lot of TV. Highlights included the street food of Hanoi, riding bikes around Yen Duc village, the aquarium in Kuala Lumper,  dusky yellow light on happy tourists in Hoi An and slowly cruising around spooky Halong Bay as the sun disappeared. TBH Remy screamed every time I took my camera out, so I only took a couple of photos. 

Long trip south by maja baska

Buzz the van took us down to Victoria and back. We met lots of river folk, including a friendly horse. Remy had his first hair cut and was a new kid. New Years with our mates in a dilapidated beach house in Mornington was glorious. Thanks Buzz. 

Tasmania by maja baska

We zipped around Tasmania for two weeks in a campervan. I tried my hand at landscape photography, ate a scollop pie, loved MONA, ate lots of mulberries. Came home inspired to live a simpler, more adventurous life. 

my first ever photo shoot by maja baska

I was just about to start school, Boris the cat is a kitten, Dad looks like a teenager, Mum has a sick haircut, I weirdly recreated a scene from American Beauty way before it was made and we had great rental carpet.